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The President of ASUU has said Nigerian lecturers are leaving the country. The president also said FG is yet to officially tell them that they don’t have money.

Emmanuel Osodeke, the President of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) on Thursday revealed that Nigerian Lecturers are leaving the country in large numbers, The Nation reports. According to him, they are leaving because of how the government is treating them, adding that Nigeria’s government has no regard for education. Explaining further, he said this year, UK and Ghanian lecturers went on Strike but their issue was resolved immediately, while here in this country, FG cares less. In his words: “Large number of lecturers have moved out not because they hate this country but because of the way they are being treated. There’s no country in the world that their academics will go on strike and you think the best weapon to use is to seize their salary.

“When we were on the strike lecturers in UK went on strike it didn’t take two day for them to resolve it, Ghanaian lecturers went on strike and they resolved it but here they felt nonchalant and you know why? Because they have no commitments, their children are not here. We will go as far as we can on this strike to the point they are ready to agree to our demands.

Recall that last week the Minister of State for Labour, Mr. Festus Keyamo, had said the Federal Government can’t borrow N1trillion just to end the ASUU strike. Supporting him, the Governor of Ebonyi State, David Umahi, while saying that Varsity Education is not for everyone, added that FG has no money. Reacting to statements, the ASUU president speaking with Punch, said they haven’t been informed that ASUU doesn’t have money, adding that it’s the responsibility of the Minister of Education and Finance to tell them. According to him, FG can borrow money for Trader Moni, feed school children, and buy vehicles for the Niger Republic, but they can’t borrow for Education.

Osodeke said, “Do you believe the FG has no money? Is Umahi the FG? Has the Minister of Education said so? Has the Minister of Finance said so? If the person directed to resolve a matter has not said so when interlopers are saying things, who will you believe? “When did Umahi become the spokesperson for the FG? They can borrow money for Trader Moni, they can borrow money to feed schoolchildren in schools, they can borrow to buy vehicles for Niger Republic, but they cannot borrow to fund education. We are tired too. If they want to close down all the universities formally, they should.” When asked if ASUU would bend its demands so that the students could return to school, Osodeke insisted that the issue had to do with the government’s coming to the renegotiation table with ASUU. “It is not about ASUU bending its demands; our demands are with the government. They should come to us with what they want. We don’t have to beg them. We agreed on something and let them send it to us. We have reached a negotiation. Let them come and tell us what they can do,” he said.

Appealing to Nigerians, Osodoke said they should bear with them in this struggle, adding that it’s for their future. He also reminded students that the general election will be held in a few months, and they should vote the bad government out. “We also appeal to Nigerians. This matter concerns their lives. In the next five to six months, there will be an election. They should hold their PVCs, and all those who have subjected them to this, they should vote them out. “It is their right. They should vote them out because children of the masses can’t be at home while children of those leaders will be enjoying education outside the country. That is their right and they should use their PVCs,” Osodeke sad.

Credit: Tribune .

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